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From Generation to Generation

“From Generation to Generation.” That is the theme of our Advent journey this year. We have been reflecting on the stories of Joseph and Mary, of the prophets’ hopes shared in Isaiah, all pointing toward the profound truth that the story of Christ’s birth is both something we receive from the ones that come before us, and that we are called to share with the next generation.

Inter-generational relationships are powerful. Over these past two weeks, I have had great joy in praying with/for you all through our Advent Morning Prayer practice. In this time, we have read from the devotional booklet that goes with our sermon series. My favorite part of these readings has been Dr. Christine J. Hong' reflections on the inter-generational family traditions within her Korean culture.

She’s reflected on how her name was lovingly chosen by her grandfather, how she shared her name with her own children, and how in Korean culture grandmothers make new mothers a traditional Miyeok-guk soup. With deep reverence, Dr. Hong makes the connection of how powerful inter-generational connection is. When multiple generations connect to each other with openness and love, God does beautiful things. Just think of Elizabeth and Mary in Luke chapter 1, both of differing generations, celebrating what God is doing among them!

We have a wonderful opportunity to celebrate inter-generational connection here at Morehead, next Wednesday December 21st. Our youth, with the support and help of many adults in the church, are putting on a family Christmas program called, “The Spirit of Christmas.” It will be a joyful and lively program uplifting the spirit of giving! I encourage you to put it on your calendar and to bring friends and family. Cookies and hot cocoa will be served after the program!

Let’s celebrate God showing up, from generation to generation!


Pastor Nikki Raye

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