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Guardrail Blessings

Oh Lord, our Lord,

how majestic

is your name

in all the earth!" ~Psalm 8:1

When we slow down to look, blessings abound. Joe and I were recently returning home from a trip to the Virginia mountains. On a twisty two-lane road there were several "Scenic Overlook" signs- some we passed, some we did not. Though we missed the proper spot to pull over and look at this waterfall, we managed to make our own pullover and walk back to observe the glory of falling waters, changing leaves, glimmering morning light.

The Allegheny Mountains are part of the Appalachians which form the Eastern Continental Divide. There aren't many large cities in Allegheny County, Virginia. In fact, we were told that there are no stoplights in the whole county! It is part of the Virginia Highlands. Though there are no stoplights, there are some hot mineral springs that hold healing properties from the time that Native Americans used them for ceremonial purposes to the times when US Presidents came to visit. We enjoyed those healing waters at a toasty 103 degrees while the outside temperature was a mere 37! It felt a little crazy to don bathing suits and be outside in hot springs with ice melting on the bushes. However, we trusted the waters with silica, calcium carbonate, magnesium and potassium--multivitamins for the skin! There was some algae growing on the steps and on the rocks-not sure about algae's healing properties...

The Appalachian Mountain Chain is approximately 480 million years old, said to be one of the oldest mountain chains on Earth. They are much older than the Rocky Mountains, thus their more rounded shapes due to natural erosion over time. In the midst of such natural wonder after a few days of rest and renewal, perhaps I was moving more slowly, practicing more observation, paying better attention. Perhaps the healing waters did a number on me. I looked down at the guardrail placed to protect viewers from the steep cliff below. I found these messages from those who had stopped here before. When we slow down to look, blessings abound.

Grace & Peace,


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