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Serve with Gentleness

This picture was the focus picture for one morning meditation last week as I was completing Haden Institute Spiritual Direction Certification. In silent reflection on this image, I considered what it means to hold a nest, a future, a living, breathing thing in the palms of our hands. When learning how to run long distances in cross country training in high school, our coach suggested that we hold our arms lower, towards our hips as that actually lengthens your stride and the distance you are able to cover one stride at time. He also suggested to hold our hands loosely, as if we were holding butterflies. The loose hold of the hands relaxes the runner's upper body posture and supposedly lengthens the stride as well, enabling more distance to be covered. When we hold new things, whether a new year, a new run or a new opportunity to serve with gentleness, the Spirit can do wonders with our lives! We can go the distance God is calling us to cover. It is with open hands we receive what God has to offer. Let us open our hands this year and hold the new things God brings into our hands with a Spirit of Gentleness.

As the new year begins with a new president and new opportunities for us to Bear Fruit for God's Kingdom, let us hold ourselves and each person we encounter, as if we are holding butterflies or baby birds. Let us practice gentleness, that fruit of the Spirit which blows through the wilderness, calling and free.

The Spirit of Gentleness "calls from tomorrow, breaks ancient schemes.

From the bondage of sorrow, the captives dream dreams; our women see visions, our men clear their eyes. With bold new decisions your people arise." Grace and Peace, Veranita

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